How Much Does It Cost To Run An Aerogarden?

how much does it cost to run an aerogarden

Everyone is cost-conscious these days and wants to positively impact the environment.  One of the reasons doubters attack hydroponic planting and AeroGardens is the electricity usage.  The powerful LED lights need to be on for 17 hours per day to simulate the sun’s light, but how much energy does this use? How much does it […]

What Can You Grow In An AeroGarden? The Master List 

what can you grow in an aerogarden

AeroGardens are pre-made hydroponic systems rising in popularity due to their affordability and simple, user-friendly features.  It’s an indoor growing system that takes only minutes to set up and is almost completely hands-off after this point.  But one of the biggest questions I had when first looking into this was: what can you grow in an […]

10 Quick Fixes To Try When Your AeroGarden Won’t Turn On

aerogarden won't turn on

AeroGardens are among the most reliable pre-made hydroponic systems out there.  It’s great, and I’m not paid by them to say it!  But there are times when things don’t work on anything, and AeroGarden is no exception.  I used my own experience with AeroGardens and scoured the internet to find these quick fixes to try […]

When To Raise Your AeroGarden Light: Complete Guide

when to raise your aerogarden light

Many folks second-guess their decisions when it comes to running an AeroGarden and other hydroponic systems.  Could it be as easy as setting and forgetting it? It is, in most cases; one of the only things you have to do is know when to raise your AeroGarden light.  You need to raise your AeroGarden light when […]

Is AeroGarden Organic? Looking At How The Plants Are Grown 

is aerogarden organic

I’m not too fussy myself about whether everything I grow or eat is purely organic, but I respect many people who are.  Knowing your food is all-natural and safe for the environment is a lofty and valuable goal.  With this mind (and being a huge hydroponic fan), I’m often asked the question: Is AeroGarden organic? Not […]

When To Remove The AeroGarden Dome? [Detailed Guide]

aerogarden when to remove dome

The AeroGarden grow domes are a thoughtful addition to the systems, and they are a huge help for getting the seeds to germinate.  But many folks aren’t sure when to use them or when to remove the AeroGarden domes.  The directions with the systems aren’t too detailed on this topic, so we decided to help you […]

My AeroGarden Has Bugs! What To Do And Complete Pest Guide

aerogarden has bugs 1

One of the most troublesome aspects of gardening is seeing your beloved plants showing signs of disease and infestation from insects.  Even the indoor hydroponic system of AeroGarden will get infected at times, so avid gardeners, we need to be prepared.  This is why we brought this guide on what to do when your AeroGarden has […]

How Long Do AeroGarden Plants Last? (Pro Advice)

how long do aerogarden plants last

When we first got into growing AeroGarden hydroponics, I wanted to know a bit more about how long they lasted.  It surprised me there wasn’t a clearer answer out there, but I researched and experimented until I found the answer.  AeroGarden plants last for 3 months on average. Flowers and herbs go a little longer, […]

How Does An Aerogarden Work? Hydroponics Explained

how does aerogarden work 1

A while ago, I was looking for an easy way to grow plants indoors without soil (this may have come after one of our kids knocked a plant over and made a mess).  In my research, I came across the AeroGarden products.  They looked so cool, but I needed to know how they worked before […]

Best 4 AeroGarden For Lettuce: Top Picks + Tips

best aerogarden for lettuce

We love to have freshly grown lettuce during the colder months, but when we first started growing, we didn’t have a greenhouse.  Instead of giving up, we got creative and looked into hydroponics and the new AeroGardens.  Looking specifically for lettuce, which we eat a lot of, it took us some research and asking around […]