AeroGardens are among the most reliable pre-made hydroponic systems out there. 

It’s great, and I’m not paid by them to say it! 

But there are times when things don’t work on anything, and AeroGarden is no exception. 

I used my own experience with AeroGardens and scoured the internet to find these quick fixes to try when your AeroGarden won’t turn on. 

There are two main problems you may come across: 

  1. Lights not working
  2. Pump Issues

We’ll break down our solutions into these two areas. 

aerogarden won't turn on

AeroGarden Lights Won’t Turn On

If your AeroGarden lights aren’t turning on, there are some quick fixes to attempt before you contact AeroGarden support. 

A few of these are easy, while some require a little more electrical know-how. 

Stick to what you’re comfortable with, and don’t feel bad if it feels overwhelming at times. 

Check Your Cords And Connection

The first one is obvious, but it often makes a big difference. 

Check the cords and connections. 

I love AeroGardens, but the electrical cord seems like it doesn’t fit right away. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of this tip a couple of times. 

My kids will bump the AeroGarden we have, and it’ll move the cord out of the input just enough to lose power. 

A simple adjustment and wiggle may be enough to get the lights back on. 

If you keep the AeroGarden in a kitchen as many people do, there’s also a small chance the electrical outlet is tripped. 

Building code requires outlets placed near water (like a sink) have an emergency cutoff in case they get wet. 

If the breaker is tripped, it could cut part to several outlets in the kitchen. 

This may also be causing a problem for your AeroGarden. 

Press the rest buttons on the outlet and see if this helps. 

check aerogarden cords to make it work

Unplug And Plug It Back In

I have a friend who worked in IT in college and one who currently works maintenance at a factory making plastic bags. 

If I’ve learned anything from them, one of the first fixes you should always try whenever electrical is involved is to turn it off, unplug it, plug it back in, and turn it on. 

It seems too simple to work, but it makes a big difference in many cases. 

Plus, if you end up needing to contact support, it’ll be the first thing they suggest too. 

You’ll save yourself time and potential embarrassment by taking the initiative to give this one a go on your own. 

Trace Cords To The Circuit Board And Make Sure They’re Secure

Check the seating of the power cord. 

Is it wiggly? Are the connections good?

Remove the bowl (where the plant pods go, and the growth deck is). 

Look inside or remove the panel where the connections are. 

Do you see any disconnected cords? 

Any signs of damage? 

Gently push the cords and connections closer to where they connect too. 

Often, small adjustments are enough to restore connection and power to the different parts of the AeroGarden. 

Also, check the lighting unit on top of the AeroGarden. This may also come loose through knocking as you adjust it up and down over the years. 

If you notice severe problems, at least you know it’s out of your hands. 

Contact AeroGarden for a replacement or repair.  

Check Function; Not Just Lights

Another quick fix is to check the function of the entire unit, not just the lights. 

If the lights aren’t turning on, you have one problem, but if the pump’s not working, that’s a sign of another, bigger issue. 

Take a look at the buttons on the unit as well. 

Are they lit up?

When you press them, does anything happen?

Try resetting the lights by holding the light button for 10 seconds. 

Replace LED Lights

If everything seems to be working and you’ve had the AeroGarden for a couple of years, the LED lights may be burnt out.

LED lasts a long time, and these lights could last up to 5 years. 

But the truth is, the average is closer to 3 years. 

It’s harder to tell if LEDs are dead like regular bulbs, but replacing them is a fairly easy fix. 

Check out these AeroGarden grow replacement lights if you want to go this route.

Double-check the model number on your system and make sure it matches the lights you’re buying before getting them, though.  

Clean Debris Away From The Buttons

The lights on the AeroGarden are almost entirely dependent on the buttons.

Unfortunately, the buttons are covered for the most part and don’t always feel as if they’re being pressed. 

Clean around the buttons and make sure there’s no debris blocking them from picking up your push. 

For information on when to move AeroGarden lights and other questions, click the link to head over to our article. 

Pump Issues On AeroGarden

aerogarden pump problems

The other major issue with the AeroGarden comes in terms of the pump. 

Let’s be clear, though. 

Though these are the most common issues, they don’t often happen at all. 

I’ve owned a couple of AeroGarden units and had virtually zero issues with how it runs. 

I also know many people who use it for indoor growing, and they also have a few issues. 

This section will cover fixes for pumps and pump lines. 

Clogged Pipes: Scrub Them Lightly

If the pump sounds like it’s running fine, but no water is coming out, OR the water coming out is less than normal, you probably have a clogged line. 

Typically, there isn’t much debris and gunk in your hydroponic reservoir or bowl, but it does happen. 

If you clean and disinfect the bowl between harvests and plantings, it won’t be a common problem. 

If you suspect a clog, it’s a pretty easy fix, though. 

Remove all the water in the bowl and scrub the spouts and opening of the pump gently with a brush. 

If you have access to the parts and can remove them, move them small bowl and soak them in a vinegar-water mixture to break up crud. 

Pro-tip: Take a picture or video of how everything fits together. This will make it easier to reassemble. 

If you can’t remove the parts, run some warm vinegar-water mixture through several times. 

Push the water button to manually trigger the pump to run. 

Look For And Remove Debris In The Pump Lines

Inspect the pump lines if you know there’s no water going through them. 

Sometimes you’ll be able to see the debris. 

If soaking didn’t work well, turn on your faucet and run water through it. 

Switch to a spray nozzle or the spray option on your faucet and run the stronger pressure through the line. 

If you feel comfortable, gently put your mouth on the line and blow through the tube. 

Don’t blow too hard, or the line will burst, though. 

Warning! Only blow on the line after disinfecting and rinsing the hydroponic water off it. 

Liquid fertilizer isn’t meant to be ingested, and it could make you sick. 

Replace The Pump

If the pump itself isn’t functioning, it’s time for a new one. 

Replacing the pump is cheaper than buying a whole new unit. 

Unless something damaged your unit or got into the water when it shouldn’t have, you won’t need to replace the pump for many years. 

It’s more likely the lines are clogged, but sometimes the pump will just break. 

Check out the AeroGarden pump replacement on Amazon at the link. 

Interestingly enough, you don’t need a brand-specific pump for the unit. 

Any unit will work as long as it connects with the spouts and electrical system in place. 

Contact AeroGarden Support

If these quick fixes don’t work, it’s time to contact support. 

AeroGarden does a great job of responding quickly. 

In some cases, they’ll offer more specific solutions or tricks depending on the model you have, and in others, they’ll ask you to send it in for a fix. 

They’re really good about replacing and fixing things at little to no cost to you.