I’m not too fussy myself about whether everything I grow or eat is purely organic, but I respect many people who are. 

Knowing your food is all-natural and safe for the environment is a lofty and valuable goal. 

With this mind (and being a huge hydroponic fan), I’m often asked the question: Is AeroGarden organic?

Not one to just come up with an answer, I researched and found the definitive answer. 

AeroGarden kits, seed pods, and nutrients are non-GMO and may be organic, but it isn’t guaranteed. The nutrients use all-natural minerals and are considered organic, but the seeds may or may not be. No herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizer is needed for growing, so it’s organic on that front. 

Look ahead if you want more details and information to help you decide what you’re comfortable with. 

is aerogarden organic

Are AeroGarden Seed Pods Organic?

AeroGarden prides itself on its seeds’ health and natural elements, but does this happen?

The FDA doesn’t classify AeroGarden’s seed as organic. 

This is because AeroGaren uses a wider distribution network for collecting the seeds. 

It comes from large and small vendors around the world. 

During the process, they always ensure the seeds are non-GMO, but they can’t guarantee the organic nature. 

Where possible, the company claims they choose organic or non-organic, but since they outsource the seed collection aspect, they don’t guarantee an organic classification. 

Still, being non-GMO is good for the natural aspect of the plants, and some believe it helps the environment. 

Hydroponics is overall great for the earth!

Read more about the benefits of hydroponics for the environment

If you want to make AeroGaren more organic, you’ll have to source and germinate your seeds. 

AeroGarden systems will work just fine with your seed pods, but they don’t guarantee germination with other people’s seeds. 

Still, I’ve found them to be a helpful company, so reach out for advice, and I’m sure they’d be happy to help. 

If you want to choose the seeds yourself, I recommend getting the AeroGarden grow-anything kit

This will help you customize your growing experience to ensure your plants are organic. 

Are AeroGarden Nutrients Organic?

Nutrients aren’t subject to an organic classification by the FDA, so there’s no official way to say whether or not AeroGarden nutrients are organic. 

However, the company’s mission of being more natural leads me to believe their claim. 

They use nutrients made from natural mineral salts with no added chemicals. 

The nutrients contain great elements for plants, including: 

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

We know the nutrients contain no herbicides or pesticides, thus eliminating the biggest concerns for organic foods. 

However, the jury is out on whether or not the nutrient solution qualifies as a fertilizer. 

Because there are no chemicals in the nutrients, most groups do accept AeroGarden nutrients as organic. 

Check out their nutrient solution for yourself on Amazon. 

What Is Organic?

The plant and food must be grown and processed using completely natural means to be truly organic. 

In layman’s terms, it needs to use no herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. 

Many plants and animals worldwide use these three things, and many doctors and health professionals are sounding the alarm about how this affects our overall health. 

On top of this, environmental scientists also point out how these things negatively affect the rest of the planet and plant life. 

Going organic is great for your personal health and for the future of our planet. 


Herbicides are chemicals used to control the growth of unwanted plants. 

If you want your produce to grow well, you don’t want it competing with weeds and other wild plants. 

Herbicides target most plant life while excluding the target crop. 

It’s often used in large-scale farming. 

Unfortunately, if herbicides spread beyond the confines of the planting area, they’ll kill off the plants in the area. 

Hydroponics is a self-contained system, so there’s no need for herbicides at all. 


Pesticides are a chemical that repels or kills bugs that attack crops and other plants. 

These are used in both large-scale farmings and on the smaller amateur level. 

Of all the chemicals, pesticides are the ones that have been found to affect humans the most. 

Since AeroGardens and hydroponics are typically used indoors, the need for pesticides is largely eliminated. 

If the AeroGarden does end up getting some bugs, it’s usually pretty easy to remove the infestation. 

Check out our guide if your AeroGarden has bugs


Fertilizer is a trickier topic when it comes to organic plants. 

There are a lot of natural ways to help plants grow, but does using anything mean it’s inorganic?

The line is generally drawn at chemical fertilizers. 

Hydroponic plants need some nutrient additives to the water of some kind. 

Whether it’s organic or not is up to you and depends on what you buy. 

Is AeroGarden Healthy?

AeroGardens are a great way to grow healthy plants. 

Some people think of it as less healthy than traditionally soil-grown plants because it seems less natural to them. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In fact, hydroponic plants are shown to grow faster, bigger, and have more nutrients than soil-grown ones. 

The difference is in energy and nutrient manipulation. 

By delivering nutrients right through the water, plants get energy faster and more efficiently.

They don’t need to grow thick and long roots to reach farther to find the nutrients and provide support against the weather. 

We deliver the same nutrients to them directly and remove the need for a secure root system. 

Is AeroGarden Vegan?

AeroGarden products are all vegan-friendly! 

If you choose other liquid nutrients, you’ll have to look at those yourself, but AeroGarden products are vegan.