Everyone is cost-conscious these days and wants to positively impact the environment. 

One of the reasons doubters attack hydroponic planting and AeroGardens is the electricity usage. 

The powerful LED lights need to be on for 17 hours per day to simulate the sun’s light, but how much energy does this use?

How much does it cost to run an AeroGarden? 

Looking at the company’s website and current electricity prices, I came up with the following answer. 

AeroGarden cost depends on the model and energy price in your area, but the general cost is between $2-10 per month. Larger models like the Bounty and Farm cost more than the Sprout and Harvest. 

In this article, we’ll look at the energy costs and other costs associated with AeroGardens. 

Let’s get into it! 

how much does it cost to run an aerogarden

How To Calculate AeroGarden Electricity Cost

Calculating the exact energy cost for AeroGardens is tough, but it’s possible to gain a bit of context with some simple math.

Don’t worry! We’ll do the math for you, but explaining how it works will help you figure out your cost on your own if you want to.

In calculating how much it costs to run an AeroGarden, we do the following steps: 

  1. Take the # of hours (H) your AeroGarden runs for. This comes from the exact model and plants you’re growing. 
  2. Multiple by the wattage given for your specific model (E). We divide this number by 1,000 to make it into kilowatts, which the electric companies use. 
  3. Multiply by 30 days per month on average. 
  4. Now multiply once more by the price of energy measured in kW/hour.

In shorthand, we’ve got the following formula: 

H x Ekw x 30 x $? kW/hr = $Price per month

With a common price per kilowatt (kW) of $0.15, we can look at each model and give the price. 

This chart gives a breakdown of what to expect based on this amount and 17 hours of use per day. 

ModelEnergy Used (Wattage)Cost per 30 Days (at $0.15 kW per hour)
AeroGarden Farm126 watts (0.126 kW)$9.64
AeroGarden Bounty48 watts (0.048 kW)$3.67
AeroGarden Harvest23 watts (0.023 kW)$1.76
AeroGarden Sprout13 watts  (0.013 kW)$0.99

Do AeroGardens Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Comparatively, AeroGardens use only a little electricity. 

These numbers from above (other than the money amount) mean little to me. 

For example, I don’t know what 13 watts look like on the AeroGarden Sprout. 

With this in mind, I chose to rank several common appliances and how much energy they use per hour, and how much this would cost in dollars. 

ItemEnergy used per hour in WattsPrice per hour in cents
AeroGarden Sprout13 watts (0.013 kW)0.4c
AeroGarden Harvest23 watts (0.023 kW)3c
AeroGarden Bounty48 watts (0.048 kW)7c
Desk lamp60 watts (0.06 kW)1c
AeroGarden Farm126 watts (0.126 kW)2c
Fridge250 watts (0.25 kW)4c
Blender300 watts (0.3 kW)5c
Coffee Maker1320 watts (1.32 kW)20c

Other AeroGarden Costs (With Examples)

The cost of AeroGardens isn’t all around electricity, though it’s the more obvious one. 

There are also some prices around seed pods, nutrients, and the units themselves. 

Seed Pods

Seed pods are probably the highest cost outside of the units themselves. 

You have two options here: 

  • Buy fully premade ones ready to go
  • Use kits to construct your own separately

The DIY kits will certainly save money, but they require more work. 

Still, once you’ve done it enough, it’s not hard at all. 

AeroGarden’s official kits come in different types and different sizes. 

The size is in the 3,6,9, and 12 pod kits. 

For types, look for herb, veggie, salad, flower, and variations on these.

Price depends on size and type, but in general, here is what to expect: 

  • 3 pods = $13
  • 6 pods = $16
  • 9 pods = $20
  • 12 pods = $25

On average, you’re paying between $2-4 for a pod of seeds. 

It’s simple this way, but this cost scares some people, especially when a Grow Anything kit is available for $35 and gives you 25 pods. 

This drops the price down to just over one dollar per pod! 

Plus, a lot of it is reusable, so you’ll be able to save on costs later on. 


Liquid nutrients are a must for hydroponic growing, but it doesn’t cost much at all. 

AeroGarden’s plant food is still one of the best options out there, and a large bottle will last you for months (depending on how much you need, of course). 

Other off-brand liquid nutrients are fine, but they’re all priced around the same. 

Take care not to use too much of any nutrients. 

Too much will raise the EC levels too high. 

This blocks the receptors in the roots of your plants and prevents them from absorbing nutrients at all. 

The kit from any unit or the Grow Anything package listed above comes with nutrients. 

But expect to pay between $10-30 per year for more nutrients depending on how much you grow. 

AeroGarden Units

There are four main models of AeroGardens, and the price of each varies based on the features. 

Some come with a touch screen and more programmable timers, and some come with base features. 

To be honest, the extras are nice, but they don’t provide as much value unless you get into growing tougher plants. 

Learn more about what plants to grow in an AeroGarden

Take a quick look at the four types of AeroGardens below.

AeroGarden Sprout: 

  • Best for saving money and trying out hydroponics
  • Limited on space
  • Only has a few spots

AeroGarden Harvest: 

  • Best for herbs and small veggies
  • Great value for the price
  • Perfect for starter growers

AeroGarden Bounty: 

  • Best for growing veggies and tall plants
  • Still fits on your counter
  • Needs some expertise to balance size of plants properly

AeroGarden Farm: 

  • Best for the serious gardener
  • Takes up a lot of space and gives you a lot of plants
  • Higher price compared to the others

Commonly Asked Questions

How Long Do AeroGarden Pods Last?

The seeds last for up to a year in most cases, but the plastic parts may be reused after years as long as they’re sanitized. 

AeroGarden does guarantee germination for 1 year from the purchase date, but many report getting a good harvest even after 2 years if the seeds are stored in a cool place. 

I use them right away myself, so I’ve never tested this out. 

Where Is The Best Place To Put An AeroGarden?

It’s less about the best place where to put an AeroGarden and more about avoiding the wrong place to put it. 

Plants generally do better with more light, so putting it by the window seems like a good idea. 

But windows often give off cold air or hot air, depending on the season. 

So keeping them right next to the window may be a bad idea.

The same thing is true of heating and air conditioning vents. 

Kitchens are the most common place to put them, and it makes sense.

You’ll see them every day, and the temperature is generally pretty controlled. 

Just make sure it’s not too close to the stove or fridge.  

How Long Do Hydroponic Nutrients Last?

Hydroponic nutrients last a long time, but most experts recommend you add a bit more to your solution every 10-14 days. 

AeroGarden says to add another dose every 14 days or so, depending on how many pods are in your system. 

Follow the directions on your liquid nutrients for the best results. 

I’d like to add that you should completely change your water and nutrients once per month. 

This may not be strictly necessary, but it will help keep the water in balance and your plants absorbing nutrients effectively.