When we first got into growing AeroGarden hydroponics, I wanted to know a bit more about how long they lasted. 

It surprised me there wasn’t a clearer answer out there, but I researched and experimented until I found the answer. 

AeroGarden plants last for 3 months on average. Flowers and herbs go a little longer, and lettuce lasts a little less. Fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, can live up to 9 months long. Good care and a fresh hydroponic solution will help the plants live a long time. 

Check out the rest of the article for more details. 

how long do aerogarden plants last

AeroGarden Plants Lifespan Chart

This is the average lifespan of a plant in an AeroGarden by type. 

The exact length is subject to change based on any number of factors, but it’ll give you a good place to start from. 

Plant TypeLength
Flowers3-4 months
Lettuce and Greens2-3 months
Herbs3-4 months
Fruiting Vegetables (Tomatoes, Peppers, Etc.)9 months

How Long Do AeroGarden Plants Last By Type?

Plant life is different in soil, but it’s even more different in a hydroponic garden. 

Hydroponics typically help the plant grow faster than in soil, so you need to be ready to harvest when the plant is done growing. 

Here is what to expect by plant type recommended by the AeroGarden systems. 

Flowers In AeroGarden

On average, flowers last for 3-4 months in the AeroGarden. 

Some may only last for 2 months if they have a shorter overall lifespan. 

Flowers are a unique option to grow in the AeroGarden because it gives you fresh flowers for a long time, but you’ll have to deal with them being in the AeroGarden of your choice. 

They look sleek, sure, but the systems aren’t quite as classy or cute as a well-coordinated vase (or so my wife tells me!). 

Lettuce & Greens In AeroGarden

Lettuce and other greens for around 2 months in the AeroGarden, with some staying fresh up to 3 months. 

In many cases, it’s possible to get multiple harvests from these plants, but you need to watch for bolting. 

Bolting is the sudden growth of the flowering parts of the plant, and it signals the end of the plant’s life. 

It’s soon after this the plant releases its seeds and then dies. 

In a lot of plants, cilantro as an example, bolting changes the flavor from what you may want. 

Get the good harvest while it’s there! 

If you want to pick the best product for this plant type, check out our review of the best AeroGarden for lettuce.

Herbs In AeroGarden

Herbs grow continually with good pruning and trimming. Still, they tend to peter out after 3-4 months of life. 

The exception here is basil. Basil has a long life and will keep growing and growing. 

For more help with pruning and keeping plants healthy, check out our guide to trimming roots in hydroponics

Vegetables In AeroGarden

Medium and large vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers are called fruiting vegetables, and they have a much longer lifespan to harvest, and with continued care and trimming, they may continue to give for a long time. 

On average, expect the vegetables to live up to 9 months in an AeroGarden. 

Remember, these plants are usually bigger and so would need a larger AeroGarden product such as the AeroGarden Farm. (Click to check price on Amazon.)

For more details on AeroGardens in general, check out our detailed article on how AeroGardens work.

What Do You Do After Your AeroGarden Plants Die?

At some point, your plants will die. When this happens, take the pods out and pull the plants out of them. 

We like to toss them into our compost outside to help reuse the nutrients. 

The pods aren’t as bad for the environment as a lot of plastics, but we still make sure to recycle them. 

The grow baskets are reusable if you clean them.

Speaking of cleaning, AeroGardens are meant to be reused, but you have to clean them well in between each use. 

Any leftover bits will start to rot or attract other bacteria. This will travel to the next plants and cause issues.  

How Long Does AeroGarden Plant Food Last?

In general, AeroGarden plant food lasts for up to 2 years if stored well. 

Chances are, you’ll go through your plant food before this point, though.

Remember, cool temperatures are your friend, and sunshine is the enemy. 

Higher temps and sunlight will encourage mold and algae to grow in the hydroponic solution. 

If the plant food has sat still for a while, make sure you give it a good shake to stir up the nutrients in liquid fertilizer. 

As a heads up, though, always check the package and directions for dates and other information. 

Can You Replant AeroGarden Plants?

It’s possible to replant AeroGarden plants into pots of soil and even back into the outdoors, but it needs to be done gradually. 

One of the interesting things about plants is how they adapt so well to different environments. 

In hydroponic systems, the roots develop longer and pull water easier into the plant itself. They don’t get as tough or wide-reaching because they don’t need to stretch through the soil. 

Parts of the roots exposed to air will even open up special receptors to pull in more oxygen from the air. 

To replant, gently remove your herb (cut the basket off if needed) and leave the grow sponge on. 

Plant the herb into soft potting soil indoors. Make sure there’s plenty of room for water to drain and keep the plant well-supported. 

Over time, the herb will grow more and more. After it takes well, transfers the plant outside if you wish. 

It’s best to choose a time when the indoor and outdoor temps are similar. 

If this isn’t the case, add an extra step where you keep the plant outside but still in its pot to get it used to the outdoor temperatures.