Do Rabbits Attract Mice? + FAQ for Clean Keeping

do rabbits attract mice

Rabbits are adorable pets, but it’s a problem when mice start showing up in their hutches.  The first time this happened with our rabbit, I was shocked.  I thought our bunny would scare them off, but it almost seemed like they kept coming back!  I decided to research the question: Do rabbits attract mice?  Rabbits tend […]

Why Your Rabbit Is Running In Circles (And How To Help)

rabbit running in circles

As rabbit owners, we always love to watch all sorts of adorable behaviors from our furry friends.  But when we see something new or unusual, it’s normal to worry.   If your rabbit is running in circles, it may concern you at first.  We don’t want you to worry, so we researched to find a clear answer to […]

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Rabbits? Keep Them Safe!

ideal temperature for rabbits

As the seasons change, rabbit owners will start to worry about their pets, especially if they’re kept outside.  I know we did with our first rabbit.  Well, with a lot of unclear information around the ideal temperature for rabbits, I wanted to find a clearer, so I researched and asked around to find this:  Rabbits will […]

Do Rabbits Like Watching TV? It’s Weird But Cute!

do rabbits like watching tv

We love cuddling with our rabbits at our house, and my wife was doing so one night while watching television.  When I looked over at them, it seemed like our bunny was watching the TV. This got me thinking, so I did some research on the question: do rabbits like watching TV? What I found was […]

Why Do Rabbits Have Short Tails And What Are They For?

why do rabbits have short tails

Animals are fascinating, and the differences between them are what make them so interesting to many people.  As a rabbit owner, I often wonder why my bunnies are the way they are.  I always encourage my kids to ask questions too, and one day, my youngest asked me: why do rabbits have short tails? When I […]

Do Rabbits Eat Sunflower Seeds? Diet And Safety Information

can rabbits eat sunflower seeds

Watching you rabbits nibble on different foods is just plain adorable.  The way their nose and mouth just go to town cracks me up every time I see it. I love feeding my rabbits natural treats, such as seeds, but I’d heard some contradicting information on sunflower seeds.  I wanted to get to the bottom […]

What Do Rabbits Eat in Winter? [Detailed Guide Inside]

What Do Rabbits Eat In Winter

As much as I love my rabbits, I know I have at least twice that many wild rabbits on my land.  It’s never so noticeable as it is in winter when I see their footprints all over the fresh snow.  One day I was pointing these prints out to my five-year-old when he got a […]

Rabbit Nail File Guide: Best Products, How-to, and FAQ

rabbit nail file

Trimming a rabbit’s nails is one of the most important (and worst) parts of being a bunny owner.  They need to keep them trimmed, or they’ll end up with pain and potential infections.  But if you don’t want to trim them, another good option is a rabbit nail file.  This article will cover how to use […]

Why Would Rabbits Eat Their Babies? (And How To Stop It)

why would rabbits eat their babies 1

If you’ve gone through the fun of breeding rabbits and helping them start families of their own, you may have seen this odd phenomenon where the mother or father will eat their babies!  It’s alarming, though not uncommon in the wild.  Why would rabbits eat their babies? How do we prevent this? I looked into […]

Do Rabbits Run Or Hop? How Fast And Other Common Questions

do rabbits run or hop jump

When we were thinking about getting rabbits in our home, our kids had a lot of questions.  One of the biggest ones was: Do rabbits run or hop? Rabbits don’t run; they hop. Their powerful back legs and agile front feet help them to burst into motion to escape from predators. Everything from their toe positions […]