As rabbit owners, we always love to watch all sorts of adorable behaviors from our furry friends. 

But when we see something new or unusual, it’s normal to worry.  

If your rabbit is running in circles, it may concern you at first. 

We don’t want you to worry, so we researched to find a clear answer to why this is happening. 

Your rabbit runs in circles for several reasons, including: 

  • Courtship
  • Dominance
  • Seeking attention
  • Boredom
  • Playing
  • Hunger

In the rest of the article, we’ll go into detail on each of these reasons and when you need to worry (and when to just enjoy the cute behavior!). 

rabbit running in circles

Why Do Rabbits Run In Circles?


If your rabbit is running in circles, it is probably showing courtship behavior.

Such behavior is mainly considered as a form of rabbits’ mating dance. 

If your bunny isn’t neutered or spayed yet, it could mean that they are probably trying to mate. 


You should also know that most animals, including rabbits, will run around your leg in circles to establish some dominance. 

So if you see rabbits running in circles around your leg, it means that they are trying to establish their dominance. 

However, this is most common when you don’t give them any attention.

Seeking Attention

Rabbits are people-loving animals, and they love being taken care of by their owners. 

Therefore, there is a chance that your rabbits will behave this way to seek your attention. 

These animals are attention-seeking animals, and they do their best to get your attention. 

This will especially happen when they feel ignored for long. 

It’s a way of them asking you to play with them, give them a treat or food, or for something else they need. 

They want you to acknowledge their presence and cater to their needs.


Another reason you will see rabbits running in circles is that they are bored. 

It indicates that they are bored and need some distraction such as playing. 

Getting bored is common among animals, and whenever bunnies feel bored, they will start running around. 

They might even start pacing back and forth.

Rabbits are very playful, and they need adequate space to do so. 

Their playtime includes playing with each other, and in most cases, this will be running after each other or in circles. 


If you keep your rabbits in a small spaced cage, it might be hard for them to play around with each other.


Rabbits are delicate animals, and they get stressed when their needs are not met. 

One thing that’s highly uncomfortable for bunnies is hunger. 

When full, rabbits will rarely run around, but a little stress will make them pace back and forth. 

If you see such behavior, it might mean that the rabbits are hungry and need some feed.

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Why Do Rabbits Run In Circles Around My Feet? 

rabbit running circles around my feet

One major sign that shows your animal loves you is when they start running around you in circles. 

Rabbits get stressed and overwhelmed when their owners are away from home. 

So, it’s natural that they will start running in circles around your feet as soon as you get home. 

It’s a way of greeting you, which is a sweet gesture from these tiny animals. 

It also indicates that your bunnies are happy and contented. 

They are happy living there and content with their environment and lifestyle.

However, it could mean the opposite of this, in the sense that your bunny is begging for something. 

If you see your rabbit running in circles around your feet, it could be for the following reasons:

• They are hungry and need food. Bunnies will circle you whenever they need something, including food. They will also circle you if they think you’re holding something edible. At times they will even periscope (sitting up on their hind legs and begging).

• They want you to move. Another reason bunnies could be circling you is that they need some space. Some will even try to nip you and drag you. It’s a way of asking you to get out of their way.

• They are showing their love to you. Sometimes your rabbits will circle you because they want to spend more time with you, which is a sign of love. To make them feel loved back, you can sit on the floor and let them jump on you.

• They are initiating playtime. Rabbits also play with people, and at times circling you could mean that they need to play with you. A clear sign will be the rabbit running in circles and then sprinting away.

• They need pets. Rabbits love being petted, and by running around you, they could need a little petting.

Why Is My Rabbit Running Circles In A Cage?

There are several reasons why your rabbits could be running circles in their cage. 

The first one would be that their cage is too small. 

This will happen when they have spent a lot of time in the cage. 

Some pet owners let their rabbits roan freely at home, while others keep them enclosed in cages or hutches. 

This can be pretty stressful to the bunny because they feel confined in a small space for hours. 

For a 5-6 pounds rabbit, it’s recommended you get a get measuring 30″ x30″ x24″ inches. 

This is for large rabbit breeds such as Checkered Giant, Giant Angora, Flemish Giant, and Giant Chinchilla. 

Such rabbits need a lot of space to thrive. 

Therefore, get a cage that’s big enough or let them out once in a while.

You might also want to check out the ideal temperature for rabbits.

Is It Weird When A Baby Rabbit Runs In Circles?

baby rabbits runs in circles

No, it’s not weird when a baby rabbit runs in circles. 

Naturally, baby rabbits like playing with each other a lot, and they are so energetic. 

Running in circles could indicate playful behavior. 

They are very active, especially when young, and if you notice this behavior, allow them to go outside and explore their surroundings. 

They become playful when you see them taking quick turns, small jumps, and running. 

It’s very normal and healthy since it indicates the rabbit’s desire to interact with others.

What Does It Mean When Your Rabbit Runs Around Really Fast?

Rabbits are very calm and gentle, and they would rather play with others, their owners, or sit around the room. 

Seeing rabbits running around crazily is rare, but it does happen. 

If you see your bunnies running around fast, whether it’s in a cage or the open, you will probably wonder what it means. 

Just like other animals, when you see such behavior among your rabbits, it’s a case of the zoomies. 

Zoomies are outbursts of energy from your pet shown by running and hopping around really fast. 

It seems uncontrollable and random. 

Such behavior has an explanation, and there are about three reasons why your bunnies could be running around really fast, and these are:

• A happy rabbit. If your rabbit runs around fast, you’re most likely watching a very happy bunny. These outbursts are uncontrollable because the bunny is too excited, and it’s a great thing!

• They need exercise. This will be the case if your rabbit has stayed in its cage for a long period. The bunny will have plenty of energy inside it, and it will be reflected as a case of zoomies. When let out of the cage, the bunny will run around fast because they need to use the energy. It will be a way of releasing all the energy that has built up while in the cage.

• They are in mating mode. Seeing your rabbit running around really fast could mean that they are in a mating mode. If the rabbit is not neutered or spayed, they are probably trying to mate.

What To Do To Stop My Rabbit from Running?

stop rabbit running around

If you have noticed your rabbits are running a lot in circles, you have to figure out the main cause and find an appropriate solution. 

It could be any of the reasons explained above in the guide. 

However, if you can’t figure out what’s causing the behavior, you can consult a veterinarian. 

Some of the local solutions you can offer your rabbits include:

Finding more space

One way of curbing the behavior is by providing your rabbits with adequate space. 

You could find a larger cage for their accommodation. 

If not in a position to do so, give your rabbits as much space to play around. 

Let them out of the cages from time to time. 

Let them spend quality time outdoors playing and exercising. 

It will help alleviate the boredom and stress that triggers the running around behavior.

Neutering them

If your rabbits are running around uncontrollably, in addition to showing other behaviors like excess urine marking or riding, then heat is the main cause. 

The best solution would be neutering. 

It’s essential to sterilize your rabbits to prevent uncontrollable reproduction and alleviate stress. 

Even when rabbits aren’t on heat, you can see neutered ones circling each other as a sign of courtship. 

It’s not common, but it does happen from time to time. 

It takes time for their reproductive hormones to leave the system completely, and this might make them keep running in circles.

Provide some stimulation

If the behavior of running around is becoming too intense and uncontrollable, it’s high time you distract your bunnies. 

You can only distract them by providing them with something to keep them busy. 

For example, you could give them an interactive toy or something to chew on. 

Alternatively, you can play with them to keep them active, and it’s also a form of exercise that will help them use their energy.

Get professional help

Lastly, it’s important you take your rabbits to the veterinarian if they are frequently circling. 

If they seem agitated, aggressive, or restless, these are signs that they should be seen by a professional vet who diagnoses them and gives a solution to the problem. 

Apart from the reasons explained in this guide, your bunny could be suffering from disease or distress. 

The best way to help them is by seeking professional help.

Although rabbits are adorable animals, you might have difficulty understanding their communication methods. 

In most cases, rabbits will communicate through body language, and circling is one of the most common behaviors. 

As you have seen, it can signify many things, but controlling them shouldn’t be an issue as you have read the perfect solutions in this guide.