How To Tell The Difference Between A Hen And A Rooster

difference between hens and roosters

When we first got our chickens, we raised them from eggs.  Of course, we didn’t know what we got when it came to gender, so as the chicks were born and got older, we wanted to know.  This led us to look into how to tell the difference between a hen and a rooster.  Or, more […]

Is It Illegal To Feed Chickens Mealworms? The Shocking Truth

is it illegal to feed chickens mealworms

I’m always up for finding different kinds of treats and bugs for my chickens to eat.  Variety is the spice of life, after all? Why not let my hens get some variety in their diets.  But when I started reading about mealworms for chickens, I was shocked to find out several countries made it illegal to use […]

Can Chickens Eat Mulberries? [Diet And Safety Info]

can chickens eat mulberries

As someone who raises chickens, I’m asked questions by budding poultry farmers all the time.  One of the most unusual questions I got was if chickens can eat mulberries.  We don’t have a ton of these trees in Michigan, and I don’t know of any in my area. But I wanted to give a clear answer, […]

10 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Chicken Coop

roaches in chicken coop

Cockroaches are gross, and when you find them in your chicken coop, it’s normal to panic.  Getting rid of them isn’t too hard, and it’s not that big of a deal.  After all, chickens can eat cockroaches with no problem.  But if you find a lot of them or their “dirt” affects the food, I […]

Can Chickens Eat Fish And Fish Bones? (Safety Info)

can chickens eat fish and fish bones

One of the best parts of owning chickens is how they help to minimize your food waste by eating all of your table scraps.  Chickens will eat almost anything they can fit in their beaks, and much of it is safe.  But during Lent, we eat a lot more fish than normal, and it got […]

Do Chickens Have Umbilical Cords? The Surprising Answer

do chickens have umbilical cords

It’s natural for any animal owner to want to learn more about the process of how their pets mate and are born.  Chickens are no exception, especially if you’ve had the joy of hatching some new adorable chicks on your own.  But in looking into it, you may have come across some information on chicks […]

Can Chickens Eat Crab Shells? Health And Safety Info

can chickens eat crab shells

Chickens are perfect for reducing the food waste around your home; they eat anything, and pretty much everything is safe for them to eat.  But is feeding them crab shells going too far? We don’t have a lot at our home, but after a home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner, we wondered what to do with the […]

Can You Have Just One Chicken? Health And Happiness Questions Answered

can you have just one chicken

Chickens are great, but they need a flock to be happy and mentally healthy.  When some get sick or attacked, chicken keepers will sometimes find themselves with only one chicken on their mini-farm.  Is this OK? Will your fowl survive? Can you have just one chicken? I didn’t know the answer, so I researched and […]

Do Chickens Blink? And Other Common Eye Questions

do chicken blink eyelids eyes

I love spending time watching how chickens interact.  But as I was watching them, I noticed they didn’t blink their eyes.  They stayed open all the time. But then, at night, I’ve seen them closed.  Was I missing something? I needed to know the answer, so I researched the question: Do chickens blink? This article is […]

How To Milk A Chicken (A Real Question With A Real Answer)

can you milk a chicken

I’d never thought about milking a chicken before, but I was surprised at the number of people who asked about it.  I dismissed it out of hand at first, but then my mind started spinning.  Was it possible to get milk from a hen? If so, I needed to know how to milk a chicken.  Chickens […]