How Do Hydroponic Roots Grow? Helping Plants Grow Faster

hydroponic roots grow hydroponics

When I first grew plants in a hydroponic way, I never thought much about the roots.  But when I looked at hydroponic roots, I noticed some unusual things (at least unusual to me!).  The roots were all thin and spidery!  This got me wondering about roots, so I decided to research into the question: how do […]

Do Hydroponics Need Full Sun? Lighting Requirements And Tips

hydroponics plants full sun sunshine sunlight

Any avid gardener wants to give their plants the best chance to produce beautiful flowers or a bountiful yield of food.  Hydroponics is helpful because it saves space, mess and helps plants grow bigger and faster.  But the setup is trickier for those without any experience. One of the questions I looked up when starting […]

Are Hydroponics Expensive? Pricing Chart Included

are hydroponics expensive

A lot of people are very money conscious, and for some of us, it’s part of the reason we got into gardening.  Growing your own food is a great way to save money AND have natural, healthy foods.  Hydroponic systems are a great way to take your gardening indoors or save space, but a lot […]

Can I Transplant Hydroponics To Soil? Making The Most Of Your Plants

can you transplant hydroponics to dirt soil

Hydroponic growing is one of the neatest and space-saving ways to grow, but sometimes you’ll want to move your plant outdoors.  Or you may have decided to grow a seedling indoors until it was big enough to survive outside.  Whatever the reason, at some point, you’ll wonder: Can I transplant hydroponics to soil?  I wasn’t sure […]

How To Clean Hydroton Clay Pebbles For Reuse

how to clean hydroton clay pebbles for reuse

Hydroton clay pebbles are my favorite ones to use as a growing medium for my hydroponic systems.  They don’t cost a ton either, but they do cost a bit more than, say, Rockwool. I used to wonder if there was a way to clean hydroton clay pebbles and reuse them.  To clean hydroton clay pebbles for reuse, […]

How Do You Refill A Kratky Jar? (Images + Video)

how do you refill kratky

When I first got into hydroponics and the Kratky method, I was drawn to the fact you didn’t need to refill the container at all.  The idea is that the roots of the plant keep growing down as it drinks up the water.  But in practice, you may need to refill the Kratky jar if […]

How Long Do AeroGarden Plants Last? (Pro Advice)

how long do aerogarden plants last

When we first got into growing AeroGarden hydroponics, I wanted to know a bit more about how long they lasted.  It surprised me there wasn’t a clearer answer out there, but I researched and experimented until I found the answer.  AeroGarden plants last for 3 months on average. Flowers and herbs go a little longer, […]

How Much Water Do You Use For The Kratky Method?

how much water do you use for the kratky method

When I started to use my homemade mason jar hydroponics, also called the Kratky method, I was pretty confused about how much water I was supposed to use for the method.  In traditional hydroponics, you basically provide as much water as possible, but the Kratky method has a set container and amount of water.  So […]

What Is A Kratky Jar? Hydroponic Method Explained

what is a kratky jar

When my wife and I first got into hydroponic growing, we didn’t know what to expect.  We’d heard how it was easier, saved on space, reduced mess from the soil, and helped plants grow faster, but we were skeptical.  Wow! Hydroponics really live up to the hype.  As we’ve experimented with different methods, one of […]

14 Rockwool Alternatives For Hydroponics

rockwool alternative for hydroponics 1

Rockwool is one of the best growing mediums for hydroponics.  It’s cheap, fibrous to provide root support, and holds on to a ton of water.  But not everyone wants to use what started life as an insulation material.  If you’re looking for some Rockwool alternatives for hydroponics, this is the list for you.  Read on […]