Why Is My Rabbit Scratching The Floor? + Other Q’s

rabbit bunny scratching digging floor

When your rabbit scratches the floor, it’s a little alarming at first.  Sometimes, they’ll go at with a huge amount of energy!  Usually, it’s nothing to worry about, but I did want to talk more about the question: Why is my rabbit scratching the floor? Rabbits typically scratch the floor because they either want attention, are […]

Can Rabbits Eat Dragon Fruit? Keep Your Bunny Safe!

rabbits can eat dragon fruit

I love feeding treats to my rabbits, and I bet you do too. But just because something is healthy for us doesn’t mean it’s safe for our bunny friends.  My wife was raiding our fridge for rabbit treats and came up with dragon fruit, so we naturally wondered:  Can rabbits eat dragon fruit? Rabbits can […]

Do Rabbits Understand Kisses? (And Other Signs Of Affection)

rabbits understand kisses

Many people have notions already in their heads about how animals like to be given attention, and a lot of this comes from how we interact with dogs and cats.  Rabbits are prey animals, so what they like and don’t like is often quite different.  Once I shifted my mindset around this, I became a […]

Why Do Rabbits Flop? (Funny Behavior Explained)

why do rabbits flop meaning

Rabbits are full of interesting and cute behaviors, and good owners know what these behaviors mean to care for their pets the best they can.  One of the most alarming behaviors is rabbit flopping.  The first time you see it, you may be worried and wonder: Why do rabbits flop? Rabbit flopping is a sign of […]

Why Does My Rabbit Nibble My Hair?

rabbit bunnies chew nibble biting hair

Rabbits are full of cute little habits, from forehead rubbing to kicking their legs up in the air as they hop around.  But one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen was around chewing on my wife’s hair when they cuddled.  Is this normal? Is it safe?  My wife started to wonder: Why does my rabbit […]

Do Rabbits Eat Pumpkins?

do rabbits eat pumpkins

A rich and varied diet is essential for any animal, and to be honest, rabbits look so cute when they’re eating different plants.  When October rolls around, and you carve some pumpkins, you may consider feeding them to your bunny.  Is this safe? I did the research, so you don’t have to.  Rabbits love to […]

Do Rabbits Fight To The Death?

do rabbits fight to the death

After getting our first rabbit, I wanted to get him a friend, but I knew some pets need to be carefully paired up.  I researched rabbits to see if they could cohabitate, and the answer I found surprised me, especially around rabbits fighting to death.  I wanted to share what I found with you, so […]

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Rabbit?

how many times a day should i feed my rabbit

When I first got my rabbit, I did some searching around, asking people how many times per day I should feed my bunny.  The answers were a little all over the place.  I wanted to remove the confusion and give one concise recommendation based on answers pet from experienced rabbit owners and veterinary professionals. As […]

Can Rabbits Overeat?

can rabbits overeat

I love animals, and I’ve owned quite a few in my day.  But rabbits were a new experience for me, and I know how important getting the proper diet is for a long and healthy life.  When I heard about how many owners give them as much food as they want, I started to wonder […]